lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017

Safety and Security, for people at their workplace: Prevencionar 2017

Last 5th and 6th of October I was at Prevencionar 2017, a two day event where everyone meets to talk and learn and know more about safety and security for People and teams at their work and workplaces, it was held in Madrid at the Medical Faculty on Universidad Complutense.

I was at the main auditorium, as still I cannot clone myself ... but I am really looking forward to attendng an event with more Graphic Recorders. And I came to meet Napo, and People from not only all around Spain but from lots of countries of Latin America. It was simply great.

An old friend with whom I studied at IESE was a Speaker, and I digitalized his talk just for the good old times :-) He talked about how we should always search for the Dark Side of the Moon, in each subject we want to become expert on, or on each main issue that shapes our lifes:

And here the other 17-teen talks that I draw there. Where experts, executives, technicians, ngos, administration responsibles, etc. stood as speakers, and where also some round tables and debates where held. Here the executives from a round table were the role of Directors in Security and Safety for Labor in workplaces was discussed.

In Spain we know this subject as PRL wich stands for "Prevenión de Riesgos Laborales" or Labor Risk Prevention.


I know that it is a sector that does not get very highlighted, but this event really rocks on the issue in Spain. I have to thank my friend Faustino Martínez who put me in touch with Agustín Sánchez-Toledo Ledesma.To both of them my HUGE THANKS and regards from here :-)

See you next week !!

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