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How to apply Visual Thinking in High Schools and Secondary Education. Case of Study.

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Don't say it. But I will get better to new schedules and new compromises. And will stick to the one post a week ... will not try but will stick. That is said :-)
Today I share with you the result of my work to end the Master I have taken to become a Secondary  School Teacher in Spain, at the Catholic University of Avila. A short essay and investigation piece regarding what is Visual Thinking, The difference with Design Thinking, it's history and main authors, and how it is needed at schools, specially in Secondary ones, how to apply it with a 5 session workshop developed for anyone to use (aimed for teachers as well as students), and how to measure its benefits.

Don't panic, because it is around 100 pages, but the important stuff only takes 40 of them. Rest are details, references and other information and links. Please always remember that if we do not use our bilateral brain, we are almost a 50% of a human being.

With this I would like to encourage every teacher in Spain or Latin America to include Visual Thinking in the class. It is in Spanish, so this time a small issue arises, post in English and shared document in Spanish. Uh ... my whole life of nonesense in this post :-)

It is distrubuted under a Creative Commons license. Please note that it can be shared for no commercial purposes, always mantaining its completeness and refering to the author who is me.

This is the index of the work, for those interested in the abstract you can find it on the link below.

Link to the ABSTRACT of the TFM (Trabajo Fin de Máster) in Google Drive.

Please mail me if you would like to get a copy of the complete work (I will send it for free to the requests that explain their interest on Visual Thinking in Education).

Another way to see it in slideshow summary is this:

Open. Sharing. And growing. 
Let me know your feedback. 

Best regards all :-)

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