lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

Big Data, Deep Learning, AI, Virtual Reality and Robotics: DataHack School in Spain

I have not been a professional VISUAL THINKER my whole life, although have behaved so since very small :-)

MY VT story, cut short and my relation to the "Teckie world"
But I have been using mind maps, visual schemes, doodles and so on since I was ten years old. And boosted mostly when coursed two university degrees at a time, one of them a Bachelor in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. There was no time to get over information on those days if I also wanted to have some "spare life" out of the books, computers and classrooms. And believe me, that I did :-) I had to make the most out of every waking hour I had. It was then when my visual schemes took great importance in mu life, to relate my time to efficiency, to learning, ad to memorizing in the médium and long run keeping ideas detailed, but global insight in mind. After finishing University, I kept using them as a very helpful bunch of tools at work, at home or for myself. So ... my life has always been running around visuals, technology, processes, software and people, meaning teamd and leadership. Check my linkedin profile if interested ...
And it is an issue that Big Data, Vitual Reality, Deep Leaning, Robotics and related fields are already a big MUST and a huge trend today, and will continue to be in our globalized and connected world with no doubt.
And so ... I met Rubén Martínez, alias @eldarsilver in twitter, because of Mundo Hacker TV programs related to Hacking and IT Security, and After at their anual event in Kinépolis. This was around three years ago. That lead us to more encounters, where I could draw his own talks at Cybercamp in December 2016, was one of this chances.
And on the same month, he introduced me to Lourdes Hernández Vozmediano and the DataHack School, a woman once you meet you cannot forget, for very good reasons. And a very innovative School in Spain, that is growing like crazy and offering really hands on learning over all these matters.

I was invited to an event they held at the Google Campus Madrid facilities,
and the results were these:
I was also invited in June to the Innodata 2017 event at the same place. 
For me it is a real challenge, because you never know if Ruben will be talking about algorithms, maths, psicology, machine learning, prediction and statistics, genes and DNA, ... of course he always takes you a leap into the future :-) And there I met other speakers too ...

I especially love this video, where they explain their new work with PEPPER, one of the most lovely robots I have met. I really was amazed when I saw how he moves his arms and hands, how he changes his voice, moves his eyes and lightens up his head. Altogether is of course an algorythm, but ... it can drive emotions towards them. It drove mine ... It changed my psicological view of it all in just five minutes, and really undestood that we will be interacting with them very soon and often, and for me being a person that does not fit most chatting conversations with People, I even realized that they couldbe better tan real people for most interactions in our simple daily life tasks.
Please see my drawings on the walls of the DataHack School !!
Thanks Rubén, thanks Lourdes, and thanks DataHack School. I hope to be around and keep learning from you a lot more. And remember that you still have plenty of walls left to hung up some more drawings from DIBU2PIA :-)
Next monday, will tell you some more Visual Thinking stories.
Keep drawing ideas !!

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