lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

Back to school ... back to the BLOG

⇒ HELLO, HI EVERYONE :-) ... Dibu2pia is back

Some things are going to change at Dibu2pia in the following months, and I hope that posting again on the BLOG will be of interest to you all. I will do my best.

And just before I start telling you some news, I really need to apologize. I have been more tan one year missing from here, and that, OMG, has no ammend. Tough times need hard changes sometimes, and not posting was just a symptom for these personal and professional changes. I will try hard and promise to compensate for this blackout.
Nobody said it would be easy, this you all know very well ...

FIRST is that all entries at DIBU2PIA BLOG will be in english.
As a citizen of the world, the most spreadable language in which I can communicate by now is this one, appart from the visual lenguaje which is universal of course. Comments I can handle in Catalan and Spanish my mother tongues, and also in french and russian, my inspirational languajes. Others I will use google translator to work it around.
So, from now on my friends, ENGLISH will be the normal norm here.

SECOND is that I will be posting entries on monday mornings every week. A mix of non confidential work, recommendations, future collaborations, or just any visual thinking thought, tip, event or venue where I have got inspiration from. I will only stick to the common thread of VISUAL THINKING. knowing that this means all kind of TOOLS and THINKING related to show complex ideas, feelings or projects in a non exclusive verbal linear or mathematical way of expression, where drawings, icons, and relations are the main issue.
So, from now on my friends, EXPECT A VISUAL THINKING POST A WEEK on Mondays (bloody mondays).

THIRD is that I am open to new ideas, projects, collaborations and even criticism. Anything can come along. I define myself as a KNOWMAD and love to hear and learn from everyone's experience, advice, lead and help.
So, from now on my friends, COMMENT AND BE IN TOUCH, you are very welcomed.  

And last but not least, I list some of the work I have done on recent months, wich is public and for which I am very grateful and proud to have been involved with. In future weeks I will describe some of the 2016-2017 course Works and also new projects that I am working in right now.

So take care, have fun, and love hard till next week.  

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